Home Breast Monitor

The Scan2Know Home Breast Monitor represents a revolution in self-care, allowing a woman to use ultrasound technology to monitor her own breast health at home between annual mammograms.

Early detection of breast cancer is the key to survival from this disease, which will affect 12% of all U.S. women at some point during their lives. Yet a convenient at-home device for monitoring breast changes has been lacking until now. The Scan2Know software on her personal computer enables a woman to create an ultrasound image of her breasts. The software compares the 32-point image to previous scans and sends the information electronically to her physician. The Scan2Know Home Breast Monitor will be especially valuable to women with dense breasts and those at high risk for developing breast cancer.


  • Scan2Know ultrasound technology produces high-contrast images without radiation, compression or pain.
  • Scan2Know software can distinguish between harmless fluid-filled cysts and potentially cancerous tissue.
  • Scan2Know is less expensive than a breast MRI or a CAT scan.
  • For women with dense breasts, it is important to have multiple venues to ensure cancer detection.
  • Scan2Know images the entire breast, eliminating errors due to differences in technician practice.

The Importance of Home Breast Monitoring

  • Each year, 190,000 U.S. women are diagnosed with breast cancer, and 40,000 women die of the disease.
  • The survival rate from breast cancer is now 98.3%, but only with early detection.